Knowledge is Power….and Light

Excerpt: “Between a doctor in Dubai, a fire-fighter in New York, and a religious scholar in Pakistan, one thing is common. None of the three can fulfill their duties without being aware of the dynamics of their respective upcoming tasks. Thus, in this world that Allah Ta’ala has created, He has embedded a system of functioning within; to know comes first, to act comes second.”

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Dedication & Hard Work in a Muslim’s Life

Excerpt: “we only have one life and a limited time to earn for this world as well as the Hereafter. The question then becomes, how do we optimize this “one and only” experience? How do we integrate this life with the next life, so that we may become successful in both? The answer is quite simple.”

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Taqwa: The Flood Of Blessings

Excerpt: “Just as the skies are adorned with stars, the earth is adorned with stars of piety; servants of God who have an in-built alarm that goes off whenever they near anything that might distance them from Allah. What exactly is Taqwa? How do we attain it?”

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Guarding The Tongue

Excerpt: Words are not just mere words, they hold a lot of meaning in the court of Allah Ta’ala. It is so important, that an individual may spend his entire life in the state of disbelief, but if he recites the Shahada only once, and becomes Muslim, entire decades of his disbelief are forgiven. Every word that leaves the human tongue heads straight for a Divine method of recording. In these times of advancement, commercial jetliners are equipped with a Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), commonly known as a “black box.”

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