Fear And Anxiety


Commentary:- In Arabia, the caravans, generally, started in the last part of the night and, therefore, the highwaymen, too, made their raids during the early hours of the morning. The travelers who were careful, however preferred to begin their journey in the earlier part of the night so that they reached the destination without being attacked by the robbers. The Prophet, accordingly, says that just as prudent travelers forgo the night's sleep and start on the journey soon after dusk, those who are keen to attain Paradise should, also, proceed energetically towards the goal and be ready to suppress their desires and give up comforts for the sake of it. He, further, emphasises that what the bondsman is looking forward to obtaining from the Lord is not a thing of a poor quality that can be given away without a price but Heaven, the abode of celestial bliss, which no one can hope to gain without making a sacrifice of the most valued things like life, property and carnal appetites. Says the Quran: Lo ! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs. [ix : iii].

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